Avoiding the News

One of the most effective ways to reduce the level of poison in our personal Image Spheres is to avoid the news as much as possible.  One can not even catch a small glimpse of the news without being exposed to something horrid.  Even so, this can be a difficult step for people.

In the United States, we are taught from an early age that it is our civic duty to “keep informed.”  For this reason, even if we do not really want to keep abreast of the news, there can be a sense of guilt in staying away from it.  After all, there is real suffering in the world, and we are given the impression that our awareness of “issues” can help in some way.

The problem is that the “issues” in the world are complex and intertwined.  Taking action in one direction may cause more difficulty in another direction.  Unless one is an expert on a subject or issue, one really can not understand all of the complications involved.  Becoming an expert on an issue truly requires one to devote much of one’s life to it.  For the rest of us, all awareness of “issues” does is to poison our Image Spheres.

Blossoms growing on the World Heart Tree from restored Heart Flowers

Isn’t this selfish?  How can we just worry about our own protection and Image Spheres, when there is so much suffering in the world?  These are fair questions, but I think that as counter-intuitive as it seems, I think that protecting our own Image Spheres does help on a larger level.

One of the best explanations I found for this forms the basis of the Anime series, Heartcatch Precure.  In this series, the Heart Flower of every individual is connected to the World Heart Tree.  The Evil Side’s goal is to turn the world into a Desert and steals people’s Heart Flowers to create monsters called Desertarians.  For someone’s Heart Flower to be stolen, it must already be wilting due to some pain or worry.  The heroines (the Precure), fight to cleanse the Desertarians and to restore the stolen Heart Flowers.  By doing so, the restored Heart Flowers strengthen the World Heart Tree.

Cure Sunshine and her fairy erecting a barrier to protect the World Heart Tree

Cure Sunshine and her fairy erecting a barrier to protect the World Heart Tree

While this is a fictional Anime series, I think that it is based on sound metaphysics.  Our Hearts are microcosms of the Sun, and the World Heart Tree is a metaphor for how all of our individual Hearts are connected.  Horrid events do not just damage bodies, they damage souls.  The damage to the World Heart is increased when more souls are exposed to awful things.  If there was a physical contagious infection, it would only be common sense to limit the exposure to that infection as much as possible.  Even those who were caring for the sick and working to contain the infection would take precautions to limit their exposure, not just for themselves, but to avoid the spread of the disease.

In a similar fashion, I think that taking precautions to limit our exposure to the horrors of the world helps to contain the spread of the “disease,” as it were.  I believe that guarding our own “Heart Flowers” does indeed make a difference to the “World Heart Tree.”


7 thoughts on “Avoiding the News

  1. I really don’t understand this “selfish” notion at all.

    How on earth does gawking at other people’s misery which is being presented by the commercial mass-media as a kind of bread-and-circuses sideshow do any kind of good (other than satisfyiing one’s own morbid curiosity and puffing a sense of baseless self-righteousness)?

  2. I personally agree with the idea of the post and have tried myself to avoid the news, and quite systematically since January, specially those related with terrorist acts.
    I feel better, but also worried that we (humans) have reached such a level of materialism and chaos.
    Humans (mainly men?) are attempting at all costs to replace reality by their own perceptions, the “self” above everything else, even God. I wonder when such madness is going to stop?
    I think that, besides avoiding the news, a positive mental posture of spirituality and compassion can also help, along with our own actions, of course.
    I believe that saying prayers for those that we know are in trouble, or suffering, is also an important way to connect at same time- using the metaphor of Myriam’s post- with the World Heart Tree and other Heart Flowers.
    I use to think that a “prayer” is a kind of telepathic connection in which God’s Mind is present.

  3. I’d like to share the following video of Kaylee Schoen, Full Moon Guidance & Breaking The Matrix,

    which seems related with the topic of this post.
    She has strong ESP and in this video she talks about living a simpler live “like our ancestors”. She says “there is much negativity out there, and the only way to destroy it is to shower it with love and positivity”
    ps.: she talks about donation at the beginning of the video because it is one after another in which she asked for financial support of her YT-followers, to realize her life dream. I believe she’s authentic though and genuinely looking for a way to make her life and life around her more spiritually oriented.

  4. Thank you for your comments, honored Dmh-san. Yes, keeping our thoughts pure, gentle, and kind is very important, as it says in Thoughts of the Mind,

    21. Therefore speak not evil in idleness, nor fall into the custom of ill speaking; but govern your words even as your actions.
    22. Speak words of love and innocence, of mildness and of hope, and you shall weave a raiment of peace about your soul, and a veil of gentle light.
    23. Speak often prayers; speak them in the rhythm of your steps, attune them to the beating of your heart.
    24. For She that governs the endless ages governs also the hour of every action. Let your voice call on Her in pure simplicity, for She is the Lady of the noontide and the Lady of the night, the Lady of the mountain and the valley.

    The Gospel of Our Mother God, http://www.mother-god.com/gospel.html

  5. Yes, I have done this for some years now. Been caught in embaresing moments when I did not know a volcano had erupted. But in not knowing yet in covering the earth with Mother Love – I still feel my choice to be within the Mother in Home first has been best.

    Still, I saw the documentary Cowspiracy – it has shaken me deeply. It should have ended with a picture of the earth and THE END underneath it. How do we deal with this and other possibly true pieces of information?

    Prayer and love is all I can find with which to answer such terrible threats. Please, I would be grateful for your thoughts. Rose Bryce

    • Thank you so much for your comment, honored Miss Bryce. I haven not seen that documentary and from your description, I will not see it.

      I think that there are two issues here. One issue is the one of social consciousness and intelligent involvement in social/political concerns. Now, for myself, I do not involve myself in these matters on principle, as the entire current political system is based in discord and strife.

      However, I think even if one were to feel called to participate in social concerns, there is a limit to how much any one of us can do. While I do think that maids can “make a difference,” I think that in order to have any effect whatsoever one must devote a significant amount of time and energy to that “cause.” Keeping aware of all of the complexities, so that one is not doing more harm than good, takes a huge amount of time in and of itself. I do not see why there there would be any need to go beyond one’s “cause” in terms of seeing horrors and poisons.

      The other issue is what to do if one does get poisoned. The Crabapple Bach’s Flower Remedy is good to cleanse poisoning. Also, I have found that replacing the horrid image with nice and sweet images is also helpful.

  6. I have no idea what this documentary is about and I don’t think it really matters. There is a fresh “World Threatening Terror” every few years. It is part of the media circus. Older people will remember when it was Nuclear Armageddon, or when “climate change” was inevitably going to bring the next Ice Age. They pass. After a few years no one even remembers them, but are terrified by the new ones.

    If one wants to participate in that, by all means do. It is good entertainment in a horror-movie kind of way, as it is intended to be. Don’t let it spoil your lunch though.

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