Completed Sweater

This past Spring, I told you about a sweater that I was making.  I am happy to report that I completed it yesterday.


I am looking forward to wearing it!


3 thoughts on “Completed Sweater

  1. That is absolutely lovely. Is that Feather and Fan in the patterning that I see there? What are your thoughts about this pattern, would you recommend it to another who is starting to make garment? Also, what type of yarn did you use? It looks fantastic!

    • Thank you for your kind words. Yes, it is a Feather and Fan pattern, which is not too difficult as far as lace goes. It is a four row pattern, and the lacing is only in one of the four rows. The other rows are just knit and purl rows. I do not know if I would recommend it for one’s first sweater, just because lace can be a little tricky (even a easy lace pattern). When I was first learning to knit lace, I started on dishclothes and scarves, and then I moved to socks. For my first sweaters, I used patterns in stockinette or garter.

      I did use acrylic yarn for this, but a higher end acrylic. I think the brand was Dark Horse, and I did get it at a smaller yarn store. While I would love to use natural materials and higher end yarn, at the moment, my budget does not permit it. Heee…actually, right now, I am trying to avoid buying any new yarn, but trying to use up the yarn on my back porch. There was a time I was excited about new patterns and yarns, but I found it was much, much easier to buy the yarn than to actually complete the project, so I have a lot of yarn (and started projects) on my back porch! Heee…but now one of them is completed!

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