Happy Year of Sai Sushuri

Sri LakshmiGood morning, dear readers!

For Filianists, this is Eastre and the first day of our New Year!  This is when we celebrate the Daughter’s resurrection and the return of all life!

I have uncovered my Shrine and other images of Dea throughout our house, and I have put up the calendar!  It is rather exciting to have time back again.

In the Filianist calendar, the day that begins the New Year becomes the first day of our week, and the Janya of that day is the Janya that governs the entire year.  This year’s Janya is Sai Sushuri, the Janya of Divine Love!

There is also rather exciting news this morning!  The Mother God Chapel has published a new article regarding Filianism, which can be found here.

I apologize for being so brief, but It is a busy morning, with lots and lots to do.  Still, it felt right to at least write a short note for Eastre morning.

To my Filianist readers:  Happy Eastre and Happy New Year!

To everyone else:  Happy Spring!



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