Preparing for the End of Days

vlcsnap-2014-03-18-13h30m46s222We are fast approaching the end of Moura, and the end of the Filianic calendar.  Tomorrow will be Kala, or the day that the Daughter is slain by the Dark Queen, and the next day will be Hiatus.  As we believe that the Daughter is the Sustainer of our existence, the day of Hiatus is a day where the world is a Wasteland.  Hiatus is not marked on a calendar.  On Hiatus we avoid any references to the future, and we do our best to refrain from even thinking about the future.  All images of Dea in our homes are covered with dark material or otherwise hidden.

This is the first year that I will be able to fully observe Hiatus since becoming a Filianist.  The last two years, my work required me to be attentive to the Western calendar during parts of the day.  I do not know that excited is an appropriate word, but it feels very good that these barriers have been removed.  I am a little nervous as well.  Hiatus was difficult enough in previous years, when I had short breaks from it.

As I discussed in my previous article, my Moura discipline has been to spend a half an hour every day crocheting altar clothes for the time of Hiatus.  I did manage to complete one more altar cloth, and there is one in progress that will not be finished for this year.  Still, this means that I will be able to continue my Moura discipline through Hiatus.  Last year, I had finished one the day before Hiatus and did not want to start a new one.  This meant my half an hour meditation was in silence with nothing at all to do.

I have been thinking about the past year, and all the changes that have happened.  While this is a difficult time, in a strange way, I am looking forward to the upcoming cleansing of the past year.  There is something freeing about our year ending cleanly, without thinking of any year ahead.

My physical house is not as clean as I would like, but the files from my previous business are packed up in boxes and ready to go to storage.  My home shrine is freshly dusted and cleaned.  I have made arrangements so that I will not have any reason to think about the future on Hiatus, and I have taken down the Western calendar in my home.  I think I am ready for the time ahead.


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