Med Moura

For those who practice the Filianic faith, tomorrow is Med Moura, the day in the middle of Moura.  Moura is the month in the Filianic calendar devoted to the time that the Daughter descends to the Underworld to bring Light to the places where the Mother’s Light can not reach in the world, and in our hearts. Many of us observe the month of Moura by taking on a spiritual discipline.  Our Moura disciplines may be positive or negative disciplines, taking something on or giving something up.  Many of my sisters in faith have given up sweets for Moura.

On Med Moura, we take a rest from our Moura disciplines.  I hope that those who are giving up sweets for Moura enjoy their day tomorrow with LOTS of delicious, sweet things. This is also the day in the Filianic calendar that we honor our mothers, teachers, and other superiors with gifts of appreciation.

SAMSUNGThis year, as last year, I have taken on a project that only seems appropriate during Med Moura.  As part of our faith, many of us have home shrines.  My home shrine is in my bedroom.  As you can see, Our Lady is also watching over one of my cats today.

At the end of Moura, we observe Hiatus, or the day (or days) outside of time.  During Hiatus, the Daughter has been slain by the Dark Queen, and the world has become a Wasteland.  During this time, we avoid talking about or even thinking about the future.  As much as we can, we act like the future does not exist.  During this time we also cover all images of Our Lady with a dark cloth.

From last year's Med Moura discipline

From last year’s Med Moura discipline

As I am able to knit and crochet, I thought it would be nice to make dark clothes by hand for the time of Hiatus.  It seems right that these clothes should be made in silent prayer and contemplation, and it also does not seem right do work on them at other times of the year.  Last year, I did start them after Sai Herthe day, but I started working on them on a regular, daily basis during Moura.  This year, for Moura, I have been trying to spend a half an hour a day in silent prayer and meditation while crocheting the dark altar clothes.  As my shrine has multiple levels, I need multiple clothes.  I have two finished from last year, and I think I will manage to have a third one finished by the end of Moura this year.

I wish all who are observing Moura a lovely day tomorrow relaxing from your Moura disciplines.  I also wish special blessings upon those who are mothers or who are acting as teachers or mentors for others.


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