A Fresh Start

It has been a while since I have written.  It has been a rather intense month and a half of deep internal changes.  I am back, though, and just in time for Sai Herthe Day.

For Deanists and Filianists the new year starts at the Spring Equinox, which is Eastre for us.  Today is the Day of Sai Herthe.  An explanation of the Day of Sai Herthe can be found here on the Chapel of Our Mother God.

While the Day of Sai Herthe is not the official new year, it is still a day of fresh starts and new beginnings.  It seems an appropriate time for a return from my brief hiatus, as this day is very much a celebration of the theme of this blog, the Temple of the Home.  I find it interesting that in the West, it is common to celebrate the New Year’s Eve by going out to parties.  In contrast Sai Herthe Day is a home based festival.  In a feminine based religion, the home and the hearth are the center of life, so it is important to spend time blessing and renewing our homes.

The title to this article is, “A Fresh Start,” and I mentioned that I have been through deep SAMSUNGinternal changes over the past month or so.  In the main, I have been internalizing the outward changes that I have written about in this blog.  I am becoming softer and gentler, and I am losing the hard edge I used to have when I was a career woman.  One rather delightful external change is that I have learned how to make my hair curly, and to stay curly and in place, all day long!  The only trouble with that is that I have become rather vain, and I find I am spending a fair amount of time looking at myself in the mirror and smiling.  I am allowing myself some indulgence with this, though, because I think seeing myself with a softer look is helping with the softening inside.

Sadly, I have let my house fall into disorder again.  I was hoping to have a clean house to bless for Sai Herthe Day, but I having caught a cold.  I am not sure how much energy I will have.  I did a little today, and I hope to do a little tomorrow…at least enough for the house to look nice for the celebration.  I did manage to clear a corner of my house for a Nativity Tree though!  This is the first time I have put up the tree in years!  My cats are quite happy that we have put up the tree!

SAMSUNGSo, what are my plans for a fresh start?  Well, mostly to continue along the path that I have been on.  I did manage to complete my previous business; however, I have not sorted the papers from my old business to store.  I must also work out what to do with the office furniture in storage!

I hope to finally get started on an astrology practice, which I have talked about for some time, and to finally learn to sew!  We bought a new sewing machine several months ago, but I am rather embarrassed to admit, I have not yet tackled the sewing machine monster.  I think I gave up when it started shooting thread at me in a big bunched up knot.  My ever practical spouse said something along the lines that I threaded the bobbin wrong, and she has promised to help me to fix it and teach me what to do.

Please wish me luck, and I will do the same for all of your endeavors!

Have a blessed Sai Herthe Day, and for those of you celebrating New Year, have a wonderful and magical New Year!


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