A New Look

As you may have seen, Temple of the Home has a new look!  While I loved the old theme, it was not able to be customized very much, and it did not have all of the features that we needed.

In case you are interested, the doily on the outside border is a picture of one I crocheted myself, which I think I gave to my niece.  I crocheted it from the following pattern: Dolly Doily Pattern.  Last year, I made several of them for gifts, because I thought that the pattern was so darling!

The tablecloth was given to me by my grandmother.  The napkin is part of a tablecloth/napkin set that I found at a charity craft sale, and I just found the teacup at an Antique Store the other day!

Also, one of the nice things about this new look is that I was able to make a matching look for the Tumblr sister site for this weblog, Temple of the Home on Tumblr, where I mostly reblog pretty things that others post!  Every now and then I put up new pictures of projects I have completed, or other things I find of interest.

Thank you for your visit!


2 thoughts on “A New Look

  1. I belive that IS the one you gave to Rhiannon! I’ll click a picture of it and post it on FB….it’s sitting on her bookshelf and a ceramic piggy bank is sitting on top of it. I even think the piggy bank was made by one of the Thinnes family years ago 🙂

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