A Magical Day

I had quite the lovely day out and about with my spouse today.  We first went to the weekly Saturday morning Farmer’s Market in our town.  Now, I have been to Farmer’s Markets many places, but in our town, the Farmer’s Market is a community event.

As I started the day, I had a decision to make.  Over the past year or so, I have been introduced to the practice of wearing gloves.  At first, I start wearing them rather surreptitiously, driving in the car and on the train.  A couple of months ago, I visited a dear friend in Mexico who always wears gloves, so I did when I went out and about with her.  I really liked the way I looked and felt when dressed properly and that we wore gloves any time we left the house.  The only exception to this was when we went to the beach.  Then I wore my beige shirt dress, which in my regular life, I have worn to work or church.

SAMSUNGAs an aside, there was a bit of an embarrassing and uncomfortable incident surrounding this.  We went to a small local store.  Sadly, I do not speak any Spanish, so I had to rely upon my friend to translate.  Anyways, the lady at the counter did not speak English, and was speaking to me in Spanish, which I did not understand at all.  There was another lady who was just shopping in the store.  Although, I did not speak Spanish, I could tell by their hand gestures and looks that they were commenting on my attire and my gloves.   My friend told them I was from America to explain that I did not speak or understand Spanish.  The ladies did not seem to believe that.  Later my friend told me that they did not believe that I was American and that I was only pretending not to speak Spanish.  They were pointing to my dress and to my gloves as proof that I could not be American.  That is a bit of a sad statement in a way, but I have already strayed from my main story.

When I came home from Mexico, I became more and more brave about wearing gloves.  One of the things that I realized is that when I was dressing sloppily, I never was embarrassed or self conscious.  Why should I be embarrassed and self conscious about dressing nicely or wearing gloves?

Wearing gloves to the Farmer’s Market was another huge step though.  As I mentioned before, the Farmer’s Market is a community event in the town where I live, so I was likely to run into people I knew, or that my spouse worked with.  Despite this, I took a deep breath and made the decision to wear my gloves!

It turned out to be quite a lovely day.  At first, I found a lovely beaded necklace that went perfectly with the dress I was wearing.  It also came with a set of matching earrings.  I do not have pierced ears, but I thought my grandmother might like them.

SAMSUNGThen we did meet a couple we knew.  I was a little self conscious about my outfit, but they both commented on how nice I looked.  I told them about my self consciousness, and the man said that I was inspiring.  The woman, who is an amazing knitter, talked with me about ideas for making crocheted gloves.  It was rather nice.

After eating lunch at the Market, we went to a Fruit Market/Florist.  My spouse is setting about on a project of making pie with homemade crust and was looking for cherries.   She did not find the cherries, but *I* found something wonderful!  A new coffee cup!  My spouse thinks it is too small, so I did not get one for her.  She is more than welcome to her mugs (especially, as I have already replaced our old mugs with something a little more civilized).  I, on the other hand, can not think of a better way to start my day than drinking my morning coffee out of this wonderful new cup!

SAMSUNGWe continued to shop at different stores, and I think we eventually found most, if not all, of what we were actually shopping for.   One of our trips was to Walmart.  I found myself thinking, and whispering to my spouse, that I was being an influence that was anti-“People of Walmart.”  Then, I internally chided myself for being rather ungenerous.  A few minutes later, though, a woman walked by who was dressed in sloppy gray sweats, looking rather tired and worn.  She saw me, her eyes gleamed, and her tired expression turned into a big smile.  I may be imagining this, but it seemed that something had liberated in her soul, if only for a moment.  So, maybe in a strange way, I was being an anti-“People of Walmart” influence, but in a good way, by awakening the buried and repressed ladies and princesses inside people who may see me.

Our last store was the craft store.  My spouse wanted to frame a poster that we have had for a long time unframed and unused.  She wanted the poster for her office.  Before we went into the craft store, I thought that I had already found such lovely and magical things today, it would almost seem greedy to look for more.  Yet, in the store, there were lovely Hello Kitty glasses that made the little girl inside of me smile from ear to ear and they were on the Clearance rack.  What could one do at this point?

There was a wonderful woman at the framing desk at the craft store.  She was very knowledgeable and helpful, and she talked about how much she loved her job framing things.  Isn’t that such a wonderful thing to hear?  People around are often so grumpy all of the time, and one is always hearing people complain about this, that, and the other thing.  How wonderful to meet someone who was getting so much joy out of her part time job.

SAMSUNGOne sad thing did happen though.  I was retrieving my new necklace to take a picture of it for this article.  The string broke, and beads fell all over the floor.  My spouse and I found most of the beads.  Hopefully, we will find the rest later.  I probably do need to get them restrung on something sturdier, if we ever find the rest of the beads.  I wonder if I was, in fact, too greedy with all of the magical finds today.  At least, I got to wear the necklace today though.  I put it on as soon as I bought it.

Next, I went to a lovely Service for the Filianic Feast of Chelanya, the Golden Harvest Festival.  It seemed quite appropriate that I would have such a day of magical finds on the harvest festival.  Service ended the day in quite a wonderful way!

My spouse is now working on her pie, also appropriate to the harvest festival!  She never found cherries, so she is using blueberries that she did find at the Farmer’s Market.  Tomorrow, I will need to do some housecleaning.  I will admit that housecleaning is one of my most dreaded tasks, but I think I was inspired by the pretty things I brought into the house today!  With such pretty things, it seems wrong to have a messy house.

This evening, though, I will bask in the wonderful, magical day that I had!


3 thoughts on “A Magical Day

  1. I too have for some time now enjoying the magical feminine world of gloves! I too beheld a dear friend wearing them as a compliment to her dress even though it was summer. I remember almost losing my breath at the beauty of their affect. I now have a large collection that I have picked up here and there. My favorite pair at the moment is made from very thinly fine kid leather. I also have a pale pink pair that has tiny sequins sewn into the cuffs that I admire greatly. This pair was given to me by a dear, dear friend which again makes them all that more special. Thank you for talking about gloves!

  2. Here in Japan ladies cover up in the heat of summer rather than bare themselves – they want to preserve their skin. One thing you see is very nice white summer gloves with an UV rating. It never occurred to me that my white gloves would be less than full protection so I am highly tempted to buy a pair of these. I also think they may well be one of the cheaper sources of simple white summer gloves.

  3. I wore my gloves to the grocery store again the other day. I think that it may have inspired better manners from those who interacted with me. There was a woman who rudely rushed in front of the items I was looking at to grab something. She looked up at me, and then she stopped and apologized for this. I am not sure if my attire had anything to do with her stopping and feeling a bit of embarrassment for being a bit rude, but I think it might have been the case. I graciously said it was ok, she found her item, and then I continued my shopping.

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